pc repairs and upgrades

repairing or upgrading your computer

A comprehensive range of affordable PC and laptop repair and upgrade services for home and office.

Based in central Essex our engineers are available for on-site visits anywhere or you can bring your computer in to be fixed at our purpose built workshops here in Braintree.


Computer repairs

There are many types of PC repair and over the years we have dealt with them all.

Some computer repairs are needed as the result of hardware failure and some are problems caused by corrupt software or a virus. We can fix your computer either here in our workshop or we can send out more of our engineers to solve a problem.

Laptop Repairs

We now live in a mobile world and laptops are more common than ever before. The problem is that they can get knocked or dropped as well as suffer from the common faults that all desktop computers can get.

We offer a comprehensive laptop repair checking services where you know exactly what you will need to pay before the repair is carried out. Call us on 01376 343456 and ask for more details about the set fee laptop repair check


Computer and laptop upgrades

Computer technology is improving all the time and to get the best performance does not always mean having to buy a new PC.

In many cases it is cheaper to upgrade your existing computers motherboard, RAM or processor. Computer upgrades can give your PC or laptop a new lease of life. It might be you want something even simpler like getting a bigger hard drive to store more files. Either way our engineers will also be able to save and copy your existing data.

software upgrades & updates

Software needs to be updated. If it isn't you run the risk of catching viruses or having your important programs stop working.

From operating systems to core applications we will update your computer to the latest versions or apply the patches needed to ensure the smooth running of your PC

Before a software patch we recommend that you back up all of your important files and data. if you are unable to this for any reason we will be happy to do it for you as part of the process.