Network, wireless and broadband connection, support and security

Our Technicians can help resolve a variety of networking problems.

Today, access to internet is at the heart of most users online existence. Yet internet access often breaks down due to software and hardware problems.

Our Technicians can help with a variety of different types of problems. We can install wired cabling and wireless networks for your home and business, install and configure broadband connections and sort out broadband problems, to making sure your business or home network is secure by implementing internet firewalls and routers, encrypting networks and setting up virtual private networks (VPN's)

We can also install and setup your existing network and IT equipment to save you a lot of time, hassle and headaches.

Simply Pop in store or give us a call and speak to us about your requirements.


We now deal with Seamless Wireless Roaming, to make sure you don't lose connectivity whilst moving from one wireless area to another.

For schools, retail, public areas, offices or businesses. Also allowing you to setup a free or pay-as-you-go public area wireless hotspot. Alongside your secure staff only access to your private data, PCs and servers.

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Some of our work

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