JLA Online Backup


Initial Backup

The software is installed on the Server that is to be backed up
Depending on the size of the initial backup and your internet connection it may be necessary to do a manual backup to disk which would then be imported into the backup server


Recurring Scheduled Backup

Once the initial backup is completed the backup software is scheduled to backup at set periods (usually every night) and it will make an incremental backup (this will back up any changes made)  across the internet to our servers here in Braintree. The data is 256bit SSL Encrypted before transfer and backup sets are stored in password-protected, encrypted states on our Backup Server to prevent unauthorised access


Version History

The backup will keep up to 5 different versions of a single file, so even if a file is overwritten on your server it can still be recovered



We currently run 3 different servers in two different locations to ensure that your data is safe, secure and available


Data Validity Check

JLA will run a check on your data once per week to check that the data we have stored is valid and available for restoration. This does not involve restoring any of the data and it will remain fully encrypted during this process


Data Protection

Your data will not be decrypted or moved off our backup servers by any member of JLA or a Third Party unless requested to do so by an authorised representative of your company


Does this replace my existing backup solution?

We would still recommend having a secondary local backup solution in place but it does mean that taking that backup offsite is no longer critical